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Anatomy of a Data Breach: What to Do When the Unthinkable Occurs
A FREE three-part privacy and compliance webinar series!

Medical, dental and other healthcare professionals constantly risk data breaches. Cyber-security breaches can occur through employee misconduct, criminal activity, hacking and through the negligence of Business Associates.

As we move closer to the implementation of the Omnibus Rule, you and your colleagues will face growing concerns about Business Associate Agreements, risk management responsibilities and staff-level compliance.

Smart Training LLC and the Texas Dental Association are offering a free three-part Lunch-N-Learn webinar series called "Anatomy of a Data Breach: What to Do When the Unthinkable Occurs." These informative webinars will be offered at lunchtime on three Wednesdays beginning July 31 and ending August 28.

Shawn Tuma
  • Business Associate negligence
  • PHI access training challenges
  • Risk analysis security pitfalls
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Shawn Tuma is a partner at the law firm BrittonTuma, a full service boutique business law firm that helps clients with all civil matters including a full range of transaction, litigation, technology, and general counseling services. What makes BrittonTuma unique is its expertise in information security, computer fraud, and data privacy law – what it refers to as Digital Business Risk. BrittonTuma’s website is

Christine Marciano
  • Avoiding problems through risk assessment
  • Proactive actions your practice can take today
  • What to do in the event of a breach or security incident
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Christine Marciano is President of Cyber Data Risk Managers, an Independent Insurance Agency specializing in Data Privacy, Cyber Liability risk, D&O insurance and (IP) Intellectual Property protection.

Christine has over 17 years of experience working in various roles within the Insurance and Financial Services industry. She has held positions at CIBC Oppenheimer, Axa Advisors and Allstate Insurance Company.

Jim Moore
  • Requirements of the Omnibus Rule and House Bill 300
  • Responsibilities of a practice Privacy Officer
  • Managing Business Associate Agreements
About author
Jim Moore is the bestselling author of nine books, a 30-year veteran healthcare practice consultant, and a Certified HIPAA Professional. Jim specializes in privacy policy development and assessment in small- and medium-sized practices. Jim's work has been mentioned in more than 30 books; he has appeared on more than seven hundred radio and television programs including Larry King Live! and The CBS Evening News.
There's no charge for this webinar series, but space for each event is limited. Click here to register!

Breach threats are real and penalties are severe. A little time spent in these Lunch-N-Learn webinars can protect your practice from catastrophe.
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